Jai Jaivanti

Raag Jai Jaivanti comes from Khamaaj That.It is a Vakr Sampoorna Raag.This raag has Two Gandhar  and Two Nishad.In Aarohan the Ga and Ni  used are Shudh while in Avroh it is Komal.In Avroh phrase ‘ Re Ga(komal)Re Sa.This is the most important phrase which makes it different from other raagas.This raag is a mixture of Khamaaj and Des.Vadi swar is Rishabh and Samvadi swar is Pancham.This raag is sung from Sorath Ang.

Aaroh-Sa Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(lower octave)Ni(komal n lower octave),Re Ga(komal)Re Sa,Ga Ma -Pa,Ni Sa’.

Avroh-Sa Ni(komal) Dh Pa,Dh Ga Ma,Re Ga(komal)Re Sa.

Pakad-Re Ga(komal) Re Sa,Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(lower octave)Ni(lower octave n komal)Re.

Time of singing-Last Phase of Night.



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