Aditi Jha

This blog is an effort by Aditi Jha to share her thoughts about Indian Music.

Aditi is a trained classical and semi-classical singer and considers herself a life long student of Indian classical music. She is a Sangeet Visharad and has trained under many renowned gurus.

Her mission now is to spread the knowledge about Indian Classical Music amongst the singing enthusiasts and help them become better singers or at least more knowledgeable about various technicalities of Indian Classical Music

She consults with many Hindustani Classical Music students to improve their understanding about various theoretical and practical aspects of singing. She has also helped many singing enthusiasts prepare for performances and improve singing.

To know more about how she can help you in your objective email her at musicwithaditi[at]Gmail[dot]com

She also runs a Facebook Page MusicWithAditi, where she shares regular updates related to Hindustani Classical Music. Subscribe to her page for getting those updates.


Subscribe to her Youtube Channel MusicWithAditi to see tutorial videos for mastering Hindustani Classical Music.



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