Raag Kamod.

Raag Kamod comes from Kalyan that.It has shadows of  Malhar,Hameer,Kalyan with a glimpse of Kedar and Chhayanat.Both the Madhyams are used in this raag.Teevr Madhyam is used in glimpse with Pancham in Aarohan(upward series).Gandhar is Vakr(just touched ) in Avrohan and Nishad is less used.The use of Re Pa together clarifies the raag.Vadi swar of this raag is Pancham and Samvadi swar is Rishabh.Jati is Vakr-Sampoorna.

Aaroh-Sa Re Pa Ma(teevr)Pa Dh Pa Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’ Ni Dh Pa Ga Ma Pa Ga Ma Re Sa.

Pakad-Re Pa Ga Ma Pa Ga Ma Re Sa.




Time-2nd Phase night .

Mukta Aalap-Sa Re Sa.Dh(lower octave) Pa(lower octave) Dh(low)Pa(low)Pa(low)Sa,Sa Re Sa.Sa Re Pa,Ga Ma Pa,Ga Ma Re Sa,Ma Re Sa Pa Ga Ma Re Sa,Re Sa,Re Pa ,Dh Dh Pa,Ma(teevr)Pa,Ga Ma Dh Pa,Ga Ma Pa,Ma Re Sa.

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