Raag Bageshri is a Hindustani Classical raag.It is a popular raag of late night,which is meant to depict the emotion of a woman waiting  for reunion with her lover.It is said to have been first sung by Mian Tansen,the celebrated court singer of the emperor Akbar in the sixteenth century.This raag highlights and emphasizes the’Ma’sur.The ‘Pa’ note is skipped in the aarohan ,which makes it unique among other Ma-emphasized raag.It can also be skipped in the avrohan ,however ,some musicians  include the Pa as a surprise note in the Avrohan.Vadi sur is ‘Ma’ and Samwadi sur is ‘Sa’.
That– Kafi.
Time of singing-Third Prahar of Night.
Aarohan– “Ni Sa Ga Ma Dh Ni Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’ Ni Dh Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pakad-Sa Ga Ma Dh Ma Ga Ma Ga Re Sa.
Komal Sur-Ga Ni.

Sa “Ni “Dh Sa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Sa Ga Ma Dh Ma Ga Ma Dh Ni Dh Ma Ga Re Sa.
Ga Ma Dh Ni Sa’ Dh Ni Sa’Re’ Sa’ Ni Dh Ga Ma Ni Dh Ma Ga Re Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Bageshri Raag.

1. Aja Re, Paradesi (Hindi) 
    Singer Lata Mangeshkar.
    Music Director: Salil Chowdhury.
    Taal: Fast Kehrwa.


2.Ghadi Ghadi Mora Dil Dhadke (Hindi)
    Film:Madhumati .
    Singer:  Lata Mangeshkar.
    Music Director:  Salil Chowdhury.
    Taal: Kehrwa.


3.Jaag Dard-e-Ishq Jaag(Hindi)
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Music Director: Hemant KumarLata Mangeshkar


4. Jao Jao Nand Ke Lala(Hindi)
    Singer Lata Mangeshkar.
    Music Director:  Shankar, Jaikishan.
    Taal: Tintal.


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