Laya and Layakari

“Laya” means Rythm and “Kari ” means doing . It is basically everything related to rhythm of music i.e. singing ,dance and intrumental. Though Laya and Layakari are different from each other being Laya has three forms :

1. Vilambit-Slow Tempo for e.g. Bilambit ektaal. Generally Bada Khayal is sung in this.

2. Madhya -Medium tempo for e.g. Madhya Tritaal

3. Dhrut-Fast Tempo.

Layakari has following types:

1. Thaay – Foremost while singing ,One beat is decided for every note.It is also known as Ekgunki.

1     2      3     4 (every digit denotes one beat).

2. Adhgun – In this ,Two beats is decided for one notes or words.So every Swar is increased by one beat to make it half.It is denoted by a dash(-).

1 – 2- 3 – 4 –

3. Dugun – For one beat two words are sung.Two beats are joined together and is generally denoted by a curve under two words.

12     34    56   78.

4. Teegun – For every single beat three words are sung.

123    456    789 .

In the same way Chaugun(four), Panchgun(five),  Chagun(six) are also there.

5.Aad- Uneven form of layakari is known as Aad. The beats and notes don’t follow a straight form like dugun or chaugun. In this I beat has 3 notes or 4 beats have 5 notes etc. Aad is also known as Dergun i.e. in 2 beats # notes are sung.

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