Tabla is an “Avnadh Jati”instrument ie instrument strings made out of leather.Tabla is a “Taal Vadhya”instrument like Pakhawaj and Mrudang.Tabla is membranophone percussion instrument very similar to bongos.The main drum of is known as “Dayan”and is generally played with the dominant hand (mostly right hand).It produces a distinct pitch or sound when played in different ways.The other drum is known as “Bayan or Duggi”.Its membrane is looser than the Dayan n produces “Mandra Sur”ie lower octave Swars.Tabla is often used in hindustani classical music.The technique for playing tabla is complex and involves extensive use of fingers and palms.There are two ways of playing tabla in hindustani classical music ie Khaali and Taali.The heel of palm plays an important role in “Dayan”to create wide variety of sounds and rythms.










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