Raag  Yaman is also known as Emaan in West Asia  and Kalyan in Carnatic classical music.It is supposed to be one of the most fundamental raag in Hindustani classical music.It is usually one of the first raag taught to the serious classical music student..Aarohan omits ‘Sa’ sur and Avrohan includes all seven sur.All the surs in the raag are shudh with the exception being Tivr ‘Ma’.Vadi sur is ‘Ga’ and Samvadi sur is ‘Ni’.

That– Kafi

Time of singing-First Prahar of Night.
Aarohan-“Ni Re Ga Tivr Ma Dh Ni Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’ Ni Dh Pa Tivr Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pakad-“Ni Re Ga, Ga Tivr Ma Pa Tivr ma Ga Re Sa.

“Ni Re Ga Re Ga “Ni Re “Dh “Ni Re Sa.

Ga Re Sa “Ni”Dh “Ni “Dh “Pa “Ma “Dh “Ni Re Ga “Ni Re Sa.

Ga Tivr Ma Dh Ni Sa’ Tivr Ma Dh Ni Re’ Sa’Dh Ni Re’ Ga’ Re’ Sa’ Ni Dh Pa Ga Tivr Ma Dh Ni Dh Pa Tivr Ma Ga Re Ga Re Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Yaman  Raag.

1. Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Me(Hindi)
    Film:Raja Hindustani.
    Singer:Udit Narayan.
    Music Director:Nadeem/Shravan.



2.Abhi Na Jao Chodkar (Hindi)
    Film:Hum Dono .
    Singer: Mohd.Rafi,Asha Bhosle
    Music Director:Jaidev.


3.Ansu Bhari Hai Ye Jivan Ki Rahe(Hindi).



Music Director:Dattaram.





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