Adharvdarshak Swar.

In Classical music,Madhyam swar plays an important role in deciding the time of singing is known as Adharvdarshak swar.Morning raags have influence of Shudh Madhyam.Sandhi Prakash raagas having Komal “Re””Dh”and shudh Madhyam is known as Morning Sandhi Prakash raag.If evening raaags have Teevr Ma(higher octave),then they are known as Evening Sandhi prakash raag.So the use of Teevr Madhyam let us know about ¬†Evening Raagas and Shudh Madhyam about Morning raagas.For eg:evening rSaagas like Poorvi,Multani and Shri use Teevr Madhyam.Once the 2nd phase of night starts For eg:in Bihaag slowly slowly use of Shudh Madhyam starts.This informs the arrival of morning.For eg:Morning shandiprakash raaags like Bhairav,Kalingda use Shudh Madhyam. So we can see just by the use of Ma in different ways shows us so much variation in raagas timing.

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