Alhaiya Bilawal

Raag Alhaiya Bilawal is famous raag of Hindustani classical music.All sur are shudh in this raag but in aarohan sometimes Dh Ni Dh Pa is sung to increase the beauty of raag.In Aarohan ‘Ma ‘ is not used. ‘Dh’ is sung after ‘Ni’ and touching ‘Sa’ is the typical feature of this raag.Vadi sur of this raag is ‘Dh’ and Samwadi sur is ‘Ga’.

That– Bilawal.

Time of singing-First Prahar of day.
Aarohan-Sa Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’NiDh Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pakad-Sa Ga Re Ga Pa Dh Ni Sa’ Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga Ma Re Sa

Komal Sur-Ni.

Sa “Ni”Dh “Pa “Dh “Ni “Ni Sa Sa Re Sa.

Sa Re Sa Ga Re Ga Pa Ma Ga Ma Re Sa Sa’Ni Dh Pa Re’Sa Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga Ma Re Sa.

Ga Pa Dh Ni Sa’ Ga’Re’ Ga’ Pa’Ma ‘Ga’Ma’ Re’ Sa’Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga Ma Re Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Alhaiya Raag.

1. Sare Ke Sare Gama Ko le kar gaate chale(Hindi)
Music Director:RD Burman.



2.Bhor Aayi,Gaya Andhiyara(Hindi)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar.
Music Director:Madan Mohan,Lakhsmi Shanker,Nirmala Devi.


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