Raag Darbari Kanada

Raag Darbari Kanada is also known as Raag Darbari belongs to Kanada family ie it is originated from Carnatic music.It has been been brought into North India by Tansen.He used to sing this raag in the court of Akbar in 16th century.It comes from Asavari That.Raag Darbari is a grave raag and with the potential for profound emotional impact.It is a night time raag.It is very important to emphasize the lower octave ie Mandra Saptak and the Purvang Octave ie Lower Tetrachord to distinguish the raag.The use of Komal Ga and Komal Dh are Vakr ie much lower than usually found.The association of notes Ni and Pa sounds pleasing.

Aarohan-Sa Re Ga(komal),Ma Re Sa,Ma Pa,Dh(komal)Ni(komal)Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Dh(komal)Ni Pa,Ma Pa,Ga(komal),Ma Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ga(komal),Ma Re Sa,Dh(lower komal)Ni(lower komal) Sa.


Vadi Swar-Re.

Samvadi Swar-Pa.



Bandish-Jankai Raam Raaj ki More Man Main Chabi bus gayi re.

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