Raag Multani

Raag Multani is avery melodious raag belonging to Todi Thaat.It is a Meend Pradhan Raag.Re Ga Dha and Ni are used as komal Sur.Ma sur is used as Teevr(one note above).In Aarohan Re and Dh sur are not used but Avrohan is full ie Sampoorna.It is very imporant to use Re Ga and Dh in this raag in order to make it a community of Todi Thaat.

Aarohan-Ni Sa Ga(komal)Ma(teevr)Pa Ni ‘Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Ni Dh(komal)Pa Ma(teevr)Ga(komal)Re(komal) Sa.

Pakad-Ni Sa, Ga(komal)Ma(teevr)Pa,Ma(teevr)Ga(komal)Ga(komal)Re(komal)Sa.


Bandish-Sundar Sur Janama Sai Re.




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