The Kafi is an important raag of Hindustani classical music.This raag corresponds to Kharaharapriya in Carnatic music .Kafi that is also famous among the ten Thats.It is not quite an ancient raag .According  to Pandit Bhatkhande ,the name of the raag first appears in the Raag Tarangini of Lochana Pandit ,who lived in Mithila district  around the fifteenth century.Raag Kafi has a direct lineage with the folk music of India.Folk music in Tappa,Hori,Dadra,Kirtan and Bhajans from different parts of India have been composed in this raag from ages.Vadi sur in this raag is ‘Pa’and Samwadi sur is ‘Sa’.Many take ‘Ga’as Vadi sur and ‘Ni’as Samwadi sur.

That– Kafi.

Time of singing-Very Famous,so can be sung anytime.
Aarohan-Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’

Avrohan-Sa’NiDh Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pakad-Sa Re  Re Ga Ma Ma Pa

Komal Sur-Ga,Ni.

Sa “Ni “Dh “Ni Sa Re Re Ga Re Sa.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Ma Ga Re Ga Ma Pa Ma Pa Dh Ni Dh  Pa Ma Ga Re Ga Re Sa.

Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’ Dh Ni Sa’ Re’Re’ Sa’ Ni Dh Ni Sa’ Ni Dh Pa Ma Pa Ga Re Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.


Popular Songs Based on Kafi Raag.

1. Kali Ghodi Dwar Khadi(Hindi)
    Film:Chashme Badoor.
    Singer:Yesudas,Hemanti Shukla.
    Music Director:RajKamal.

    Taal:Punjabi Theka(Sitarkhani).


2.Kaise Kahun Man ki Baat(Hindi)
    Film:Dhool Ka Phool .
    Singer: Sudha Mahlotra.
    Music Director:N.Datta.


3.Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Re Baalam(Hindi)

    Singer: Noor Jahan.
    Music Director:Tasheed Attre.


4.Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni Phir Kahan(Hindi)

     Film:Jaal .
    Singer:Hemant Kumar.
    Music Director:S.D.Burman.



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