Raag Bhairav is a very common raag.According to mythology , it was the first raag .It is believed that it emanated directly from the face of Mahadev(Shiva).It is very well known raag but it is seldom heard because it is a morning raag and most performances are in the evening.Kalingada is similar raag to Bhairav.The use of Bhairav in film music is much more flexible.Bhairav has a very simple structure.Vadi sur in this raag is ‘Dh’ and Samwadi sur is ‘Re’.

That– Bhairav.
Time of singing-Early Morning.
Aarohan– Sa Re (komal)Ga Ma Pa Dh(komal) Ni Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’Ni Dh(komal) Pa Ma Ga Re(komal) Sa.
Pakad-Sa Ga Ma Pa Dh Pa Ga Ma Re Sa.

Sa Re Sa “Ni “Dh Sa.

Ma Ga Re Sa Ga Ma Pa Dh Pa Ga Ma Pa Ma Re Sa.

Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’ Re’Sa’ Ni Sa’ Dh Pa Ga Ma Re Sa.

Bandish-Jago Brij Raaj Kunwar.

Popular Songs Based on Bhairavi  Raag.

1. Ai Dil Ab Kahin Na Ja (Hindi)
    Film:Bluff Master.
    Singer:Hemant Kumar.
    Music Director:Kalyanji-Anandji.



2.Ai Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Hindi)
    Film:Daag .
    Singer: Talat Mahmood.
    Music Director:Shanker-Jaikishen.


3.Awara Hoon Ya Gardish Main(Hindi)
    Singer: Mukesh.
    Music Director:Shanker-Jaikishen.


4. April Fool Banaya(Hindi).
    Film:April Fool.
    Singer: Mohd.Rafi.
    Music Director: Shanker-Jaikishen.


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