Raag Asavari

Raag Asavari or Shudh Re Asavari is a fundamental raag in Asavari that.It is very similar to raag Jaunpuri only diiference being Komal Ni being taken in Aarohan .There is a considerable disagreement considering Re.The predominent view being shudh Re to be taken.Some also take komal Re.Ga and Ni are not taken in Aarohan making it Audav-Sampoorna.

Aarohan-Sa Re Ma Pa Dh(komal)Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Ni(komal) Dh(komal)Pa Ma Pa Ga Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ma Pa Dh(komal)Dh(komal)Pa Ma Pa Ga(komal)Re Sa.



Komal-Ga Dh Ni.

Time-2nd phase of Day.


Bandish-Khelat Raghuraj Aaj Rang bhari Hori..Raam Lakhan Bharat Shatrughan Sunder yeh jori…

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