Tilak Kamod

Tilak Kamod is a very melodious raag of Hindustani Classical Music.Light classical generes are popular in Tilak Kamod.This raag is very close to raag Desh,and hence requires a skilful rendition for the differences to be distinct  to the listener.Generally both ‘Ni’ ie komal and shudh are taken in this raag,but in Northen India only komal ‘Ni’ is usually taken.In Aarohan ‘Dh’ is excluded.This raag is generally of Vakr Gati.In this raag the Vadi sur is ‘Re’and Samvadi sur is ‘Pa’.

Time of singing-Second Prahar  of Night.
Jati-Shadav –Sampoorna.
Aarohan– “Pa “Ni Sa Re Ga Sa Re Ma Pa Dh Ma Pa Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’ Pa Dh Ma Ga Sa Re Ga Sa”Ni.
Pakad-“Pa “Ni Sa Re Ga Sa,RePaMaGa,Sa ReGa,Sa.

“Pa”Ni Sa Re Ga,Sa,Re Ma Ga,Sa Re Ga,Sa”Ni.

Sa,Re Ma Pa Dh Ma Pa,Re Ma Pa Sa’,Pa Dh Ma Ga,Sa Re Ga,Sa”Ni.

Re Ma Pa Dh Ma Pa,Sa’Pa Ni Sa’Re’Ga’,Sa’Pa,Dh Ma Ga,Sa Re Ga,Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Tilak Kamod Raag

1. Badariya Baras Gayi Us Paar (Hindi) 
     Film Murti.
     Singer Mukesh, Khurshid Begum, Hamida Banu
     Music Director:  .
     Taal: Kehrwa.


2.Hamne Tujhko Pyar Kiya Hai Jitna (Hindi)
    Film:Dulha Dulhan .
    Singer:  Mukesh.
    Music Director: Kalyanji, Anandj.
    Taal: Kehrwa


3.Teri Yaad Dil Se Bhulane.
    Film:Hariyali Aur Rasta.
    Singer Mukesh
    Music Director Shankar Jaikishan
    Taal: Keharva




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